Clients & Statements

Some of our clients





Statement from Telefónica/Movistar

“Our website has gone through an extensive update. We had an explicit need for expert asssitance in analysing our new website in order to get a exact diagnosis of our online user experience. The skilled consultants from Paso Research helped us reach a clarification of our challenges and also provided us with illustrative and concluding recommendations for improvements. We have chosen to cooperate with Pase Research Madrid because they have the right know how, vast experience and deep knowledge of our business sector. We are still very happy with the great cooperation and will highly recommend Paso Research to others.” 

Ignacio Ceña Tutor, Online experience and innovation manager, Telefónica España



Statement from tour operator Spies (Thomas Cook’s brand in Denmark)

“Paso Research have benchmarked and given us an objectively crisp picture of ourselves as a tour operator compared to our competitors. This is highly valuable to us as we always strive to be as attractive as our competitors. The insights we have been offered through our work with Paso Research have been essential for us to prioritize the way that we have spent our resources on web development. It is an impossible task to investigate ones own website in terms of credibility and user friendliness to the same thorough and professional extent that Pase Research does. Our experience with Paso Research have only been positive and I give them my most sincere recommendations.”
Rasmus Panduro, MRD, Spies



Statement from Saxo Bank

“We have used Paso Research twice. Both times they have delivered insights thar we would not have achieved using only internal analysis. The last time we cooperated with Paso Research was in connection with a new design and relaunch of the Saxo Bank website. We had an explicit need to test the experience of excisting and new customers in our national and international target groups. With Paso Research as sparring partner and supplier of valuable insights we suceeded in getting to market much faster. I really recommend Paso Research to others”
C. Castenskiold, Vice President, Head of Global Web Strategy and Communication, Saxo Bank