What we offer

At Paso Research we have more than 20 years of experience in testing, measuring and consulting regarding Customer Experience, User Experience, Usability.

Most client projects have the objective to increase online sales.
We are good at exactly that.

This is the typical process:

  1. We get an understanding of the business objectives. We have worked with most industries; business-to-consumer, b-to-b, public sector and NGOs.
  2. We draft a methodology and a budget.
  3. After adjusting and approving, we start the project. Below this section are a few examples of some “research elements” that can be part of the the project.
  4. We deliver results from the research, and usually on top an expert analysis with interpretations of the results, and clear recommendations on what to keep and what to change.
  5. If needed, we can add work on how to improve/change, to achieve the objectives.

Our main services:

Expert analysis

We do a walk-through of the website, pointing out problems and giving recommendations.

The delivery is a PowerPoint, often with 30 slides, with clear prioritized list of what to improve. Please ask for example report.

Paso Test (panel)

Our panel based test with 100 respondents in the target group, solving the same 3-8 tasks on your website and 2 competitors websites.
This is the best way of measuring User Experience, in a way to be able to say “31% of the users can not find the price of product X” and “for Competitor A the same number is 14% and for Competitor B it is 56%”.
We have done over 300 of these.

A huge strength of this product is, that we can test fast and in many countries at the same time.

The delivery is a PowerPoint, often with 100 slides, with clear prioritized list of what to improve. Please ask for example report.

Usability Test – also over Skype

Remote test. Think aloud test. UX test. Qualitative user test. Call it what you want…
We’ll test with people in the target group, watching them use the website, prototype or campaign site and interviewing before and after.
We have done over 3000 of these tests.

Over Skype, we can test in all countries (we speak English, Danish, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian and French), and we can test business-to-business solutions with your existing clients, while they are at work.

The delivery is a PowerPoint, often with 50 slides, with clear prioritized list of what to improve. Please ask for example report.

Focus Groups – also as Internal Workshops

Working with a group of people has strong advantages and disadvantages. For talks that benefit from inspiring and challenging each other, it is fantastic. This can be for understanding contexts and consumer needs, for explorative work in developing new concepts or for Internal Workshops.

Workshop in “How we Choose & How to Persuade”

We offer a 3 hour internal workshop to teach the online team basic understanding of the human mind, when it comes to how to choose and how we persuade users to buy what we want them to buy.
This is done by Jacob Hancke, CEO of Paso Research, with 25 years of experience as a Usability Consultant, and is also an EU Certified Hypnotherapist, giving him an in-depth understanding of the subconscious part of the human mind.

Please contact us for any question regarding all of the above.


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